“Custom is King”™

Reimagining comfort in custom hearing protection

We at Fader Plugs, aim to remove the stigma around wearing hearing protection. In order to do so, we have aesthetically redesigned and transformed custom hearing protection. With our patented mechanical attenuation capabilities we can provide our customers with  the ultimate comfort and style.

Quality Materials

We leverage shore 40 silicone with a micro molded Delrin 9 material to create a comfort fit and surface lubricity which allows for easy attenuation.

Consistent Protection

Our custom fit device ensures consistent protection through seamless insertion.  With alternative hearing protective devices, there is often, unknowingly, an error in insertion allowing harmful noise into your ears.

Thoughtful Design

Entirely manufactured in the USA, built with intentioned durability, meant to last years. Ease of use provides controllable attenuation without having to remove the plug itself.

Our Philosophy

We may take it for granted, but the ability to hear is a gift. It is our belief that in order to extend one's quality of life, wearing hearing protection MUST be a priority. By  perceptually transforming & aesthetically refashioning the use of hearing protection, we aim to do just that.

Our Flagship product - The Fader Plug - is the world’s first adjustable mechanical earplug with patented technology that provides our customers with the ability to control decibel reduction in any noisy environment. The user can adjust sound attenuation without removing the device from their ear allowing  for both consistent protection and increased verbal acuity.

Our Story

Many are unaware of the potentially severe effects of exposure to loud noise/music, a.k.a. noxious noise, the leading cause of noise induced hearing loss. Having grown up within the hearing healthcare space, Blaise had an acute awareness of the many hazards that induce hearing loss and was inspired to take action .

During graduate studies for Communication Sciences and Disorders, our founder envisioned the concept of fader plugs - a mechanically controlled hearing protective device. This idea was further conceptualized by our Father-Son team - CEO; Blaise Delfino and Dr. Gregory Delfino and is currently undergoing research by Dr. Grant Searchfield [the tinnitus guru] at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Today, The Fader Plug, is the world’s first custom adjustable mechanical earplug with a patented technology.and is entirely manufactured in the United States. Our partners, ProtoCAM Additive Manufacturing and the global leader in hearing healthcare, Starkey Hearing Technologies, align in our mission to help people preserve their hearing.

Fader Plugs aims to revolutionize hearing preservation for people of all ages, in both commercial and everyday environments; from manufacturing to construction, outdoor sport, to live music, for military or first responders and much more.

Through the professional shooting of ear impressions, The Fader Plug is designed to be a custom fit hearing protective solution for our customers. A first class device that provides them with quality materials, thoughtful design, and above all - consistent protection. Our company also offers an array of hearing protective devices, from customized products, over the ear muffs and instant fit molds, to meet the specific needs of each individual.


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